Every conference is an event designed for learning and networking.

Hubbian, Inc. triggers the growth mindset in conference delegates and helps the conference managers to both acquire new attendees and to convert them into loyal members.

Hubbian is now smarter than ever


We have been very busy working on new conferences and upgrading our app! The new Hubbian will make happy conference attendees, conference organizers and sponsors/exhibitors too!   New features for Attendees Conference attendees can now log-in,┬ápost comments and use Hubbian on any device. The design is much more fluid and we have improved the access […]

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Focus on content – aka what attendees want


I’ve been a scientist for more than 14 years and I have attended many conferences (~30, ranging from very small meetings with 80 delegates to big conferences with more than 30,000 attendees) I generally love the idea behind science conferences: a bunch of brains fluctuating around novel data, getting together to push forward the boundaries […]

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The new -social- hubbian

Slice 1

  The new Hubbian is coming up! We tweaked a bit the interface to make it even more easy to read the abstract text. But the big improvement is the integration with twitter: now you can tweet your favorite abstracts directly from Hubbian.

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